Types of Losses

Fire Claims

Lightning and fires are amongst the top causes of property losses. Businesses and homeowners can file claims to cover financial loss related to fire, which can include replacing damaged equipment and repairing buildings.

Hail Claims

Hail produced from heavy storms can cause significant damage to homes and commercial businesses. Capable of cracking wood, concrete, and asphalt, large hailstones can seriously damage roofs, windows, and siding.

Wind Claims

Strong storms can produce high-velocity winds that can cause damage to the infrastructure of a building. Heavy winds and flying debris can break windows and doors, uproot trees, cause roof damage, and much more.

Hurricane Claims

Hurricanes are among the most destructive and costly natural disasters that occur in numerous states across the U.S. Homes, industrial facilities, and large-scale commercial properties can all be deeply affected.

Vandalism Claims

Vandalism is a major threat to homeowners and business owners in various industries. Common acts of vandalism include destroying landscaping, defacing personal property, tampering with structures, and even arson.

Theft Claims

Theft and burglary are amongst the top insurance claims filed by commercial businesses and homeowners. Losses from theft include property damage and personal property losses that are the result of a break-in.

Flood Claims

Water damage is a huge threat to property owners across the United States, especially to those in states prone to flooding. It can lead to serious financial burdens for those affected by floods and flash floods.