Managed Services Agreement

A Managed Services Agreement (MSA) is an opportunity to supplement your risk management needs. At MMA Law Firm, we provide policy reviews, coverage suggestions, and if desired, pre-loss documentation from vetted industry experts. In addition, we will provide supplemental monitoring of your properties to assist in determining if and when an insurance claim happened. This will allow expedient filing, litigation if necessary, and expedited document preparation for your portfolio of properties.

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MSA Frequently Asked Questions

What types of properties qualify for the MSA program?

Most properties that are insured with a property policy will qualify. Unsure if you qualify? Reach out to the MMA Law Firm team, and we will discuss your properties free of charge to determine if you are a good fit.

How many properties do I need to qualify for your MSA services?

Multiple properties are not necessary. We can monitor 1 or 1,000 properties. Our goal is to provide you and your portfolio with the best scenario possible at the time of loss if a loss does occur.

What are the benefits of MMA Law Firm’s MSA services?

We develop a relationship before a loss happens so that we can fully understand the client and portfolio’s goals and requirements. Whether through expedited litigation, filing, or documenting the needs of specialty properties or investment trusts, our Managed Services Agreement program is for you.

What information should I gather prior to the initial call?
  • Insurance carrier names
  • Any current or past claim numbers
  • Any current or past claim dates of loss
  • Any policy numbers
  • All property addresses

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