Wind & Roof Damage Insurance Claims

Should policyholders switch insurance carriers who deny wind and roof damage claims in Houston, Texas? MMA Law Firm’s legal team may clear up a Houston policyholder’s confusion about what their homeowner’s policy covers after the occurrence of wind damage.

Homeowners’ insurance is a complicated matter for many policyholders who experience damage to their property. Therefore, it is crucial to have experienced roof insurance claim lawyers review a policy before claim submission to ensure that all forms and requested documents are in order and that the damage is a covered peril under the policy language.

The Necessity of Windstorm Insurance

Hail and accompanying winds are the two biggest contributors to roof damage. Every year billions of dollars of damage are caused to roofs in the U.S. alone by hail and wind, and Texas is a state that is often hard hit by this type of roof damage.

Texas does not require windstorm insurance, but homeowners may need it to qualify for a mortgage in high-risk areas of Houston. Most homeowners’ insurance policies exclude coverage for wind damage that can negatively impact a roof and cause significant damage. Windstorm insurance is available from private insurers or the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA).

Roof Insurance Claims in Houston, Texas

Hiring professional roof repair contractors to assess the damage before contacting the insurance company is one of the best actions a policyholder can take. A contractor will determine the specific amount of damage to the roof and what may have caused the damage. The dwelling coverage portion of a homeowner’s insurance covers a house, including the roof. Additionally, it is common for a standard policy to cover roof damage from wind, fire, hail, or the weight of snow. Policyholders’ claim actions may include:

  1. Documenting the damage with photos, measurements, and estimations of the area of the roof that is damaged
  2. Contacting the insurer with the policy number and a detailed explanation of the claim
  3. Reviewing coverages and next steps to be taken
  4. Collecting several repair estimates from local contractors before the insurance adjuster visit, but do not sign any contracts or pay for any work until the insurance adjuster and company follow up
  5. Scheduling an insurance adjuster appointment to assess damages and costs
  6. The insurance adjuster will file a formal report with the insurance carrier
  7. After the claim is approved, hire a contractor. Insurance will usually pay half in advance and the rest after the project is completed, minus any deductible
  8. In states where windstorm damage to roofs is less frequent, a standard homeowner’s policy may pay for damage claims

What To Do After Windstorm Damage Checklist

Some providers will try to deny a storm damage claim, so it is in the policyholder’s best interest to get an independent loss adjuster to verify the type of damage to the property and any possessions, including wind damage. Independent loss adjusters are usually contacted for damaged amounts above $10,000. Policyholders have one year from the date of loss to file a claim with the TWIA. If a policyholder thinks TWIA’s estimate of windstorm damage is too low, they should call TWIA at 1-800-788-8247 and provide the policy number and claim number to discuss options.

Wind damage claim attorneys in Houston may have better success with direct communication on behalf of their clients in Houston. Policyholders should make all requests in writing, keep a copy, and list events regarding storm damage that include:

  1. The date and type of loss
  2. The location and any injuries sustained
  3. Other people besides residents involved
  4. Condition of the home
  5. Detailed description of damaged contents
  6. Information regarding temporary repairs or complete roof replacement
  7. Police and fire department records
  8. Be aware of the timeline to file a claim with the insurance company
  9. Keep a file of documents

Documenting Losses

Document all items that have even small amounts of damage. For example, walls and ceilings may need to be replaced if the infrastructure is compromised, as well as carpets, drapes, clothing, and family heirlooms that may have received wind damage. Policyholders should not attempt to clean the house, as dangerous particles in the air may cause health issues. Instead, insurance claims should pay for professional cleaning. 

Windstorm & Roof Damage Claim Denials

An insurance claims denial does not mean a policyholder’s wind or roof damage claim is invalid. Rather, the insurance company may have wrongly denied a claim or rejected it because it contained missing or incorrect information. When an insurer denies a policyholder’s claim, insureds should contact roof insurance claim attorneys in Houston to review property coverage. 

For example, if a tree falls on a Texas dwelling, a property damage claim should be uncomplicated, and the house should be fixed promptly. Roof claims from windstorm damage may be more complex and can be denied, disputed, or undervalued regarding necessary repairs. Houston insurance lawyers can be instrumental with claims to a conventional homeowner policy in addition to claims made to windstorm insurance carriers.

Texas Department of Insurance

Policyholders who are not receiving insurance money to replace a damaged roof, or repair it, should file a property insurance complaint with the state. A complaint can be made online or by mailing a paper complaint with attachments. The Texas Insurance Administration will forward a copy of the complaint to the insurance company; obtain further information or explanation of the dispute on the policyholder’s behalf; explain insurance policy provisions; suggest actions to resolve the insurance problem; and take corrective action when an insurance company is acting in violation of Texas laws. It may be time to switch insurance carriers but speak with a wind and roof damage claim attorney before doing so.

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