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How to Storm-Proof Your House and Office: A Quick Guide

In this article, the expert claims attorneys at McClenny Moseley, & Associates highlight how you can prepare your home and office for storm season. While storms are unpredictable, it’s always a good idea to storm-proof your home and office to minimize the risk of damage. Below, check out our top tips on how to storm-proof your home and office this storm season. 

The Storm-Proofing Basics 

As mentioned before, our latest blog covers the essential items and tasks you should check off your list to prepare your family for the upcoming storm season.

Home and Office Maintenance 

Home and office maintenance is something to keep up with year-round, especially during storm season. Significant areas of concern include the roof, structure, windows, and drainage components of your home or office. Fixing issues as you come across them is far more cost-effective and less hassle. So, we suggest nipping those small maintenance tasks in the bud before storm season. 

Storm-Proof Windows and Doors

As we all know, storms can hit unexpectedly. While local news coverage and weather forecasts can give people sufficient notice of when a storm will come, it does not give someone enough time to make essential home improvements. While storms can wreck your home or office in many ways, the windows are the most vulnerable. If you have concerns about your windows or even doors, at that matter, due to their age or the condition they are in, it’s wise to consider replacing or repairing them before a storm.

Prepare Your Outdoor Space

Taking a good look at your property and the trees that surround it is vital. An excessively tall tree, a damaged tree, or a tree with multiple concerning branches could become dangerous. Having an expert survey your home or office outdoor space can help narrow down the troubled areas you may never have noticed. You should make it part of your storm-proof routine to survey your home and office grounds, so these minimal maintenance tasks don’t become the tipping point during highly intense storm seasons. 

Gather Important Documents 

Gathering documents is always important, but we want you to focus on a specific niche of records in this scenario. For example, save receipts for expensive home items, gather your home insurance documents, warranty information, and home-specific documents you want to keep on file. 

You must have your documents ready to grab and go when you are in a rush. Ensure your property insurance policies and personal documents, like your ID, are up to date. It’s a good idea to make copies and keep them in a secure, password-protected digital space. Confused about a current policy or not sure what your coverage is? Our talented large loss attorneys can help you out.

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The McClenny Moseley, and Associates team sends our well wishes to you, your family, and your business during storm season. While it’s unpredictable, following our tips can help you and your business prepare for what is to come. Here’s to a safe storm season! 

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