Last Minute Prep for Hurricane

Last Minute Storm Preparation Tips for Coastal Property Owners 

We are now nearing the end of the 2022 hurricane season, and it’s been a crazy one. But we’re not clear yet, so we compiled some last-minute storm preparation tips as we approach the end of hurricane season. So how do you prepare your house for a hurricane? The Houston insurance claim attorneys at MMA discuss four essential steps to take before the arrival of a possible tropical storm or natural disaster. 

Make an Emergency Plan 

Firstly, ensure everyone in your household knows and understands your hurricane plan. Discuss the latest Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidance on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how it may affect your hurricane planning. Don’t forget a plan for the office, kids’ daycare, and anywhere you frequent. Going over the said plan will benefit everyone involved, so panic is no longer a factor when a storm is on the horizon. 

Gather Supplies 

Secondly, have enough supplies for your household. This includes medication, disinfectant supplies, cloth face coverings, and pet supplies in your go-bag or car trunk. Having a hurricane preparation kit with non-perishables in all of your vehicles is a great idea. This way, you have the essentials ready to go storm or not. When building a storm kit, have enough food, water, and other supplies to support your needs for several days. Food and water can be added to your kit as the storm’s potential threat to your area increases. 

You can get an in-depth supply list by clicking here

Review Important Documents 

Another way to prepare for a hurricane at home is to ensure your insurance policies and personal documents, like your ID, are up to date. It’s a good idea to make copies and keep them in a secure, password-protected digital space.

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Know Your Evacuation Zone

Finally, you may have to evacuate quickly due to a hurricane. Learn your evacuation routes, practice with your family and pets, and identify where you will stay. Evacuations come last minute, and having the above items ready to rock and roll in the case of an emergency will make this step that much easier. 

In Case of An Emergency 

Every property owner, whether residential or commercial, has the duty to mitigate. If you or your business suffer from property damages (like mold or wind damage) due to a storm and don’t receive the coverage you were promised, you deserve a fair fight. 

That, of course, is situationally dependent on the circumstance. Now, when it comes to the commercial sector, things are taken differently. 

During emergency mitigation, policyholders often think they must wait for the carrier to agree before addressing the property damages. However, during emergency mitigation, property owners must take possession of the loss on day one or two. This can be anything from getting space dryers, dehumidifiers, blowers, etc., to help stop the current damage in your space. 

Now, when it comes to these types of items, they become a hot commodity when a storm hits. Having a contact that sells/rents these items on standby would be a good thing to have under your belt before the storm hits. You might also consider investing in a few of these devices to avoid being unable to get your hands on them when the time comes. 

You aren’t just preventing the issue from worsening; you are also putting safety first with these precautionary steps. But, you shouldn’t do unnecessary services as the carriers do not like the upfront costs of the emergency response items. 

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Thinking of Those Affected this 2022 Storm Season 

Our hearts go out to all those affected by Hurricane Ian. If you, your business, or your loved ones have been affected firsthand and need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to someone on our team. Whether you need a roof repair attorney, hail damage lawyer, or water damage lawyer, we’ve got your back. MMA can help you navigate claims and will always fight for you, the policyholder. 

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