Highway 2 Hail 2020

Own This Year’s Storm Season

The McClenny Moseley and Associates team was honored to be a part of this year’s Highway 2 Hail event(s). From Omaha to Pittsburgh, the Highway 2 Hail tour made a total of ten stops throughout the United States teaching, preaching and meeting hundreds of attendees. Each tour stop included informational panels, Q&As, and hands-on learning. All attendees got the opportunity to meet and network with industry leaders and experts in that specific area.

In 2019 alone, there were a total of 409 natural disasters around the globe according to Statista. Being proactive is the key to being safe in an unruly and ever-changing environment. Highway 2 Hail, MMA, and multiple other reputable voices teamed up to help others own this year’s storm season. 

MMA and Our Participation in Highway 2 Hail

MMA spent each day on the tour with industry experts to educate the participants on how to truly prepare for storm season. Whether you have personally been affected by a storm or know someone who has been, storm season is a true enigma. The MMA team of experts spoke on issues to look out for during storm season in regards to post-storm damage and insurance claims

Not Able to Make It? Here Were Our Main Takeaways 

Be Prepared: Preparation is key when it comes to the unknown. Therefore, we don’t want people to live in fear, but being ready for the unknown to a certain extent is always a good thing to consider. 

Stay Educated: Being up to date on how to combat the aftermath of storms was a key point in our keynotes. Insurance claims can get hectic during the aftermath of a major storm. However, MMA is the legal team to fight for your justice. So there is no need to worry. 

Own This Year’s Storm Season: The mantra of the entire tour was to prepare, educate and make sure that all attendees are ready to own this year’s storm season. A special thank you to the below sponsors for an amazing time at the Highway 2 Hail 2020 tour. 

  • Highway 2 Hail
  • HailTrace
  • Atlas, Beacon
  • Balance Claims
  • Breakthrough Academy
  • C3 Group
  • Contractor Dynamics
  • Eagleview
  • Job Nimbus
  • Merlin Law Group
  • Premier Claims
  • Sumoquote
  • Roofers Choice Insurance 

How Can You Attend Next Year?

Sound like something you would like to be a part of next year? You can get access to industry leaders, cutting edge tools and a plethora of useful and lifesaving information at the Highway 2 Hail event next year! 

Be sure to stay in touch with the MMA team throughout the year for more life-saving tips and more information on events this year and the coming year. We would love to see you there! 

We pledge to #ProtectthePolicyHolder, #ProtecttheHomeowner and #ProtecttheBusinessOwner. Do not hesitate to contact MMA Law Firm for a FREE, no-obligation claim review with our experienced attorneys. 

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