Houston, TX, March 3, 2020 – Founding Partners and J. Zachary McClenny Moseley are delighted to announce the promotion of one of their associates, Heather H. Melaas, to Partner. 

Heather joined the MMA team in October 2017. She quickly proved her tenacity, diligence, and vigor for litigating. Those innate characteristics, coupled with her knowledge of jurisprudence, has made her an invaluable addition to the team and, most importantly, our clients. Without hesitation and upon realizing the benefit it would have to the firm, Heather H. Melaas pursued and obtained her Florida bar license in January 2019. This self-driven achievement is a testament to her commendable character.

Now, as Partner, Heather H. Melaas will head the firm’s Florida branch office and lead the firm’s Florida division. The firm has no doubt she will set the standards she sets for herself onto her team. We are certain that, under her management, our Florida office will not only succeed but exceed all expectations.

“Both James and I were confident that bringing Heather to our team would be a huge advantage to our clients. She has proven herself to be someone we want by our side, a partner. This is a well-deserved promotion, and we thank her for contributing to the firm’s successes,” said Zach McClenny Moseley. “Our confidence in her is as strong as ever, and there’s no doubt she will continue to fight vigorously for policyholders in the State of Florida,” added .

McClenny Moseley & Associates, here to #ProtectthePolicyholder.