The KMCO chemical plant in Crosby exploded TuesdayApril 2 as the second chemical plant fire in the Houston area in the past few weeks. Initial reports state that the fire started in the morning and was due to isobutylene. The fire was fully extinguished by 4:00 PM that afternoon, and all residents within a one-mile radius were ordered to take shelter.

As of now, the shelter in place order was lifted and it is confirmed that there have been two seriously injured people and one fatality. The president and CEO of KMCO John C. Foley stated, “We are deeply saddened to confirm at this time that there have been injuries and one fatality. Those injured have been transported for medical treatment. Our hearts and prayers go out to the individuals involved, as well as our first responders, employees, and our community.”

To further investigate the origin of the explosion, the Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office has issued a subpoena to KMCO. Other steps are being taken to understand the fire’s origin and to hopefully declare the area safe. Air quality is continuously being monitored, emergency response personnel are conducting an assessment of the fire, and Harris County Judge Lina Hidalgo stated that there are no signs of health risks to the area surrounding the facility.  

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