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Does Insurance Cover Lightning Damage? 3 Signs Your Home Was Hit by Lightning

Did you know that Flatonia, Texas, is the lightning strike capital of the US? According to statistics, in 2021, the city was struck by lightning 1,043 times. That’s not surprising since Texas experienced the highest number of lightning strikes last year, 41 million to be exact. This is why the number of fire and lightning damage claims in Texas exceeds the national average.

There’s one problem, though. Insurance companies don’t believe in lightning strikes much, and it can be hard to prove how your house was damaged. If the insurance adjuster claims there was no lightning, it will be your task to prove there was one. This is something you shouldn’t try to do on your own. You must talk to an experienced Houston insurance claims lawyer first. They will put you in touch with experts who can offer a professional opinion; they’ll guide you through the whole insurance claim process and negotiate with the insurance provider in your stead.

How Much Damage Does Lightning Do To A House?

No matter how much you stormproof your house, when lightning strikes, it could catastrophic.

Lightning bolts can reach up to 50,000°F, and the enormous heat can cause significant damage to a house. This includes damage to the shingles on your home, electrical systems, insulation, roof, chimney, gutters, siding, and even the foundation if it strikes hard enough. In addition, any electronics and appliances plugged into your electric supply can be fried by the sudden power surge within the system. All in all, lightning damage to your house can be a very expensive hit.

Signs Your House Was Hit by Lightning

If your house has a lightning rod on your roof, you may think you’re protected, but that’s not always the case. A lightning strike can still damage your house if it impacts the electrical wiring or the plumbing. Here are three signs your home was struck by lightning.

1. Fire Damage to The Roof

Lightning bolts carry a huge negative electrical charge and have but one goal, to reach the earth, which has a positive charge. Lightning strikes always look for the most direct path to the ground, which would be straight to your roof. A powerful lightning strike can punch through the roof, into the attic, and start a fire there.

As soon as it is safe to go outside, try to check the roof for a hole or char marks. You may also want to call a professional roofer to have a look at it. They can also offer a repair cost estimate, which you can submit to the insurance company. You may also want to look in the yard as the lightning bolt may have struck the ground allowing the tremendous electrical charge to sneak into the house via the pipes.

2. Shockwave Damage to The House

If your house sustains a direct hit, this can cause a shockwave powerful enough to split bricks, cinder blocks, or even concrete. Your chimney may be badly damaged, but the lightning bolt can also cause structural damage to the house. In this case, the financial losses will be considerable, and it’s best to leave negotiations with the insurance carrier to seasoned Houston homeowners insurance claim lawyers.

3. Electrical Damage Inside Your Home

Even if it doesn’t start a fire, a lightning strike can cause severe electrical damage to your home. Every appliance that was plugged in at the time of the strike will be toast, and you may need to change the wiring. You should prepare a list of electrical items damaged by the lightning strike and receipts showing when you bought each of them and how much you paid.

If the insurance company disputes the replacement value of your damaged items, let your Houston fire damage claim lawyers deal with it. Also, do not throw anything away until you get a visit from the insurance adjuster.

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