April 2021 Hail Storm

During the last week of April 2021, fierce hail storms impacted parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The astronomically sized hail caused damage like no other. Residents and business owners in the impacted areas are currently recovering from hail that measured as large as softballs. Damage varied from shattered windows on cars and homes, dented building structures, battered roofs, and more. 

A National Weather Service spotter reported hail in excess of 3 inches in diameter around 9 p.m. in the Norman area. Wind gusts got up to as high as 69 mph and over 38 reports were made regarding hail across the states affected according to the Storm Prediction Center.

If you or your commercial property were impacted negatively due to the recent hail storm it is imperative you contact MMA. Our team of large loss attorneys can help you navigate the claim filing process and we will ensure you get the coverage you deserve.

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