2021 Texas Winter Storm

How Our Large Loss Attorneys Can Help 

A severe winter storm that left millions without power in mid-February of 2021 created a series of lows throughout the U.S. Gulf Coast. Texas, and neighboring states, took a significant beating from the storms, and as a result, communities suffered. This uncanny storm caused power outages, increased gas prices, and tested the area’s locals

From power outages, lack of gasoline, congested roads, and pipe bursts, businesses are trying to pick up the pieces post-storm. If a pipe burst has damaged your business, the MMA Team will offer a free policy and claim review. We will advise on the best course of action and can handle the initial claims filing to ensure your claim is set up for optimal results. If you decide to file your own insurance claim and your insurance company has either failed to respond, denied your claim, or paid out much less than the actual value of the damage, you may have a case on your hands. 

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Pipe Damage Causes and Aftermath 

Winter storm damage varies, but the specific issue that has come to the surface, especially for Texans, is the complications with pipe bursts. Cold temperatures in this scenario are the primary reason why many pipes began to burst. The pipes freeze, thus causing the burst. Whether a minimal amount of water leaks or an ample amount, a pipe burst can cause devastating damage to a business and the structural foundation of its property. 

When trying to identify a pipe burst, it’s essential to listen. Do you hear bubbling, whistling, or banging when the water is turned on? Secondly, is there visible evidence of water damage? Look for discoloration marks or bulging in walls and ceilings. Finally, observe the water pressure. A burst pipe can lower the water pressure throughout the building. This decrease in water pressure could indicate that a pipe has burst or is broken.

Pipe Insurance Damage Claims

While insurance companies are there to protect you and your business, they are first and foremost a business of their own. With this being said, their goal is to make a profit. Unfortunately, the policyholder gets the short end of the stick. While some business owners’ insurance policies don’t cover water damage from weather events, most cover water damage from a plumbing issue from within the building, including a pipe burst.

Paying out a lot of money in claims when damage occurs eats away at profits, no matter how much the claim is justified. Therefore, some insurance companies deny claims in bad faith to help their bottom line. The team at MMA offers free policy claim reviews. 

This step will ensure you get the professional assistance you need before submitting your claim, ensuring you get the most optimal outcome possible. 

Litigation Against ERCOT 

The Texas winter storm and lack of preparedness, resources, or the infrastructure to handle the severe weather created quite the uproar throughout the state. The roads became unsafe to travel on, and the electrical grid became overwhelmed by the severe freeze. 

The state of Texas uniquely runs electricity, unlike other states in the United States. Texas is the only state in the continental United States that runs a stand-alone electricity grid. This is designed to keep the state’s energy system independent from other markets. The problem with this setup is that most of Texas could not rely on the rest of the US for supply. 

“The state-wide blackouts raise questions about the reliability of our electric grid and its ability to withstand extreme weather events in the future,” said House State Affairs Committee Chairman Chris Paddie.

 This lack of connection plays a part in not being able to draw from others when needed. The grid is operated by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT). ERCOT manages the flow of electric power to more than 26 million Texas customers — representing about 90 percent of the state’s electric load. (About ERCOT). This grid is not subject to federal oversight and is mainly dependent on its resources, says the US Energy Information Administration. 

Have you been personally impacted by the power outages? Has your business suffered from the recent events in Texas due to the lack of power? You might have a case. Contact our firm today to discuss the current circumstances.

Submit Your Claim(s) Immediately 

If you have had a pipe burst in your home or business it is imperative that you file the claim immediately. Some policies have a requirement that claims should be filed within 48 hours after the damages take place. If you have a full copy of your homeowner’s policy, review it in full to get the full details regarding your coverage and the claims process. 

As these types of issues continue to increase, especially in the Texas area, plumbers and professionals are delayed in response due to the high volume. Do not wait for a plumber or professional to arrive at your home to file the claim. If you wait, you can miss the 48-hour window. You cannot overturn a denial and the carrier will take every possible step to protect themselves with the influx in claims.

 Let Us Fight For You 

McClenny Moseley, & Associates has multiple offices throughout the southern United States, but our headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Home to many of our employees and our partners, Houston and the neighboring Texas cities are near and dear to our hearts. We as a team understand the struggles that Texans have endured due to the recent winter storm. Texas and many other southern states are not privy to the extreme winter weather that hit. The residual damage that this severe weather has caused is something new many Texans have never experienced. Let us fight for you. Our team can get your business back up and running post-storm. 

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